Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares in Costa del Sol

We have always been huge fans of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. A friend of us saw chef Ramsay a couple of weeks ago wandering around Torreblanca (just few hundred meters from our flat, actually!) with his film crew near this place:

This week we came up with this article confirming that Ramsay really is in town doing a restaurant makeovers for new series called Costa del Nightmares. Yesterday evening after work we decided to head to the beachfront (Paseo Maritimo) to have a beer or two. As hours went by we became hungry and headed to renovated Mayfair which is now called Jack’s Chicken Shack.

The terrace is not that inviting: plastic chairs and tables, but the logo on is brand new and the place looks clean. Inside there’s a traditional Spanish tiled bar top and takeaway bags are hanging from the roof. Apparently they serve takeaway? Yes, “para llevar” is clearly on the menu, which is a laminated piece of paper.

The first thing we notice are the prices. Nothing costs more than a few euros. But in order to get a decent plate you need to order chicken (pollo), sauce (salsa) and sides (acompanante). Total about 7 euros, which is normal for, say for 4 tapas plates. However, in this area you can go a long way with 1,5 euros: you’ll get a glass of wine and one tapas. The recession in Spain has brought all prices down to minimum.

We ordered fried chicken in yogurt (pollo frito con yogur), spicy chicken (pollo al pimentón picante), BBQ sauce, spicy sauce, chips (patatas fritas) and corn salad (ensalada de maiz). Oh yeah, and before we saw the menu (and the prices), we ordered a bottle of Ribera del Duero red wine. The waiter wasn’t sure if they had any, but after awhile he brought us the bottle. I guess their regular customer is more of a beer drinker.

The food arrived promptly, but it was a huge disappointment! The fried chicken didn’t have any seasoning. BBQ sauce came straight from a bottle. Their hot sauce sauce was probably homemade, but contained too much vinegar. The fries were mushy and didn’t have any seasoning. The best part of the meal was the corn salad which had a touch of mint in the flavor. Chicken was cooked properly and wasn’t dry, but we were actually quite astonished how ordinary and unseasoned the food was. It was clearly aimed for takeaway for sunbathers who want a quick snack on the beach.

From now on we watch the restaurant makeover shows from a different angle…

7 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares in Costa del Sol

  1. I hope we can see this program because we have a flat there and we know this place… Neighbours will thank Chef Ramsey if this place get better…

    1. It’s high tourist season now in Fuengirola. We’ve been driven by the restaurant once or twice a week. Now it seems that they have some customers. One day last week the terrace was almost full of people eating and drinking. I think they have aimed the concept to please tourists and sunbathers (the takeaway), but the high season lasts only for couple months a year, so let’s see what happens in September.

      1. Dear Sir, was very pleased to watch Gorden make you better ,,,,,,,,,,, and will // would like to come some time and have chicken /chips pint lager at jack spain ,,, watch the football

  2. oh yea plz be hard john ,,,,,,,,,,,,, you know you can do it ? ,,,,,,,, good luck to ,,,,,,jacks ,,,,,,and john ,,, be realistcic john ,,,,,,,,,,,,, I watched it on tv ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, would like to come to spain ,,,,, and enjoy chicken and chips pint lager ,,,,,,,,id give you my honest opinion thoe ,,, !!!!!!!!!

  3. i would like to try the fish stew he made in quelcutties but i dont find the recipe
    anyone knows where i can find it?

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