If everyone would eat like Americans…

The Guardian’s food columnist Jay Rayner wrote about food consumption in the world. He noted, that if everyone in the world would eat like Americans, we would need four Earths to produce to the amount of food needed.

Food is not immediately running out, even if there is world hunger. Earth’s carrying capacity is, however, at the limit. Food waste each year is generated a total of 1.3 billion tons. In addition, hundreds of millions of people are daily eating more than is desirable in terms of health.

Food production a significant burden on the earth, as it is produced to be thrown in the trash. Food waste is generated at various stages of the production chain, but mostly in households.

Overeating is just as much of a problem as the food going to waste. Even in countries where the proportion of the population is starving, there is a growing number of overweight people, says professor Tim Wheeler from Reading University. Overeating also causes damage to health, which in turn reflects as an expense for society. For example, in China in 1980 diabetes affected only 1 % of the population. Now people with diabetes is nearly 12 %.

You can find Jay Rayner’s writing here.

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