The Story of Grill Spatulas

Grill spatulas
Regular plastering spatulas work great with grilling – they are robust and cost cents.

We grill a lot on a la plancha, on a cast iron flat top plate. You can use oil or butter on the plate, if needed, and it makes it easier to control the heat. It also distributes the heat more evenly and stays hot when making several steaks on it at the same time. In our grill we have one fixed one and one which can be used on the other side on top of the grill grid when needed. It’s actually pictured above.

Spatula with a short handle is easier to work with when you have a flat top. And actually it’s even better if you have two spatulas. Let us demonstrate what we mean:

The video above was captured a few weeks ago in our favorite wok restaurant Wok Directo Fuengirola. The chef uses two spatulas skillfully to cook vegetables and seafood on the flat top. This inspired us to search for similar spatulas from local stores. We did find them, but they were relatively expensive, like 10 € or $15 for one! This gave us an idea to check out our local hardware store and they had exactly similar spatulas for sale at 0,89 €!

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